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Hi, I'm David. I'm the author of the science fiction fairy tale, The Seven Markets, and the forthcoming suburban fantasy novel, Beautiful Handcrafted Animals.

My wife, Jessica, and I live in Westchester, New York with a psychotic cat and a very confused dog.

I've been telling stories for as long as I can remember. Initially this was called "lying", but then someone suggested I start writing things down. This was considered an improvement by all involved parties.

I wrote my first book while I was in college. My stated goal was "to see if I could write something one hundred pages long." God Plays Dice was one hundred and twenty pages long. The nicest thing one could say about it was that it was, technically, a book.

I've written short stories, poems, novellas and full-fledged novels. I'm most confortable in long-form narration, though short stories can present their own interesting opportunities for storytelling. The less said about the poems the better.

When I'm not writing or working at my day-job, I can usually be found reading or playing boardgames. "Boardgames" in the preceding sentence should be interpreted to mean "designer boardgames, euro-games or even ameritrash boardgames". If you'd like a better idea what I'm talking about, pop on over to and have a look around. If you don't feel like doing that, just imagine a four hour game of Monopoly where everyone knows who's going to win the entire time: the games I like are nothing at all like that. Which is to say: engaging, interactive, of fixed duration, and fun.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Madison with a BA degree in (probably) English. Honestly, the whole thing was kind of a FUBAR, as I took so many Literature and Writing Seminars during my Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years that, by the time I was a Senior, I was taking classes like Latin and Calculus. This really got in the way of my drinking.

When you get right down to it, though, my favorite thing really is stories. Writing them. Reading them. Watching them. I love watching characters move about and plots unfold. I love being surprised, and being able to surprise others in turn. I love that feeling you get when it's three in the morning and you force yourself to stop reading, but the story keeps twitching and moving around inside your head.

I thank you for the chance to share my stories with you, and look forward to doing so for many years to come.