2013: A Year in Preview

A teacher once told me, "never open a letter or a conversation with an apology -- it's insincere."  So, I won't apologize for the lateness of this post -- I meant to get it up around lunchtime -- apart from to note that, hey, it's after midnight as I'm writing this and it should have gone up on the first. An appropriate start for the year.

Happy New Year, by the way.  Another apocalypse averted.  As Jessy and I are currently working our way through Buffy The Vampire Slayer, I'm going to say it was Buff and the Scoobies who saved the day.  Way to go, team!

2012 was a busy-as-hell year for me.  So, before I get into my 2013 Preview, here's my . . .

2012 Year in Review

I released The Seven Markets on Amazon Kindle and Print on Demand.  This was a massive learning experience for me, but now that we've got a great team assembled, future books should come together in a much smoother and more organized fashion.  Long story short: we went through two editors and (approximately) three designers before everything came together, losing nearly six months in the process.  That Markets made it out in time for the holidays at all is something of a miracle.

On the personal front . . . well, she's not due until Valentine's Day, but Jessy spent the better part of 2012 pregnant with our first child.  Our daughter.  So that's a pretty exciting thing (which has also taken up a fair amount of time, though the pregnancy doesn't seem likely to suffer a six month delay).

Lots of other stuff happened in 2012, but those are the two biggies.  Please note: I put the birth of our daughter second not because it is secondary, but because this is a blog about writing and yes I do attempt to stay on topic from time to time.

At any rate, out with the old and in with the new.  Here, then, is my . . .

2013 Year in Preview

Late last year I did a final polish -- finally -- on Beautiful Handcrafted Animals.  That's off to my editor (notice the sense of possessiveness -- it is earned.  She is amazing.  You cannot have her.) and, unless said editor advises against it, Animals should be released sometime in the Spring of 2013.  I'm going to say it'll be exclusive to Kindle and Amazon Print on Demand, as that's the plan, but it hasn't happened yet, so we'll see how things shake out.

I'm currently moving nicely along on The King's Glamour, the follow-up to Markets.  Which is to say, the second book in the series.  If everything goes according to (ha) plan, I'll finish this second draft of the book sometime between February and May (nothing like setting your own deadlines).  Self-editing, then professional editing, and the goal is to get the book into your hands somewhere around August or September.

And while that's happening . . . I'll be writing The Prince's Revenge, which is the third book in the series and the final book in what I'm calling the "first cycle" of my "Tales of the Market".  I hesitate to use the word trilogy, and I do have plans for what follows Revenge, so let's stick with series and, again, see how things shake out.

The plan is to have Revenge out in time for Christmas, 2013.  I think I can do it, but with a baby on the way, things may have to adjust backwards a little bit.

The big question for me, right now, on Glamour and Revenge is this: when I finish writing the second draft of Glamour, should I step into editing or just keep going?  If I've got a good head of steam going, it might make sense to just storm down the doors of Revenge and see if I can't get that written right then and there.  The problem with this is, depending on how quickly Revenge comes, I could end up delaying the release of Glamour into the Fall of 2013, something I'd like to avoid.

So we'll see.  It's all experimental right now.  And the goal is to write books and put them in your hands / on your devices.  To gain readers.  I set my own deadlines, true, but the ultimate goal is to put things out there that you'll enjoy reading.  Quality above all else, in other words.  If rushing sacrifices quality, then I'm going to slow things down a bit.

Also, I've never written a sequel before.  Let me tell you: it's got its own challenges.  It took frigging forever to get into Glamour, and now the second draft is a re-write in all but name.  You can see the DNA of the first draft if you squint just right, but mostly that was an exercise in how not to tell this story.  Will Revenge be the same way?  If so, am I willing to risk delaying Glamour while I figure out how to write the thing?

We'll see.

Also, I've got a couple blog-related things coming up.

I'm working with a friend to see if it's viable to produce an audiobook version of The Seven Markets.  I love listening to books while I'm driving or at the gym, so the opportunity to put this together is too good to pass up.  If we can pull it together, of course.

Finally there are a few tweaks to the site here.  I've got some cool ideas for contests and giveaways to promote AnimalsGlamour, and Revenge, as well as a semi-regular column I've been tossing around for a while now.  I'll share more on that as details solidify.

Also -- ha -- if I manage to find the time somehow, I need to do some more research and work on Lions Together are Called a Pride, which is a second series I think I'm going to follow The Seven Markets with.  And a standalone book you might notice on the Fiction page called, Verrazano Narrows, which I've actually started already, and sneak off to from time to time when Ellie isn't in the mood to play.

So: a lot to do and a lot to share.  I know some folks consider 13 an unlucky number, but I've honestly always been a fan.  I'm hoping '13 is going to be a lucky year for me, and I'm hoping I'll be able to tell you some good stories along the way.