A Brief, Odd Detour

This is the last thing I wrote last night, before stumbling off to bed. Please note: this was for The King's Glamour, the follow up to The Seven Markets.

We weren’t prepared that first year. We listened to the stories on the radio and kept driving without stopping, without using the restroom, and without

It just ends there.

The first bit, "We weren't prepared that first year", that's right in context for what's going on in Glamour.  The line which follows, about the stories on the radio and driving without stopping, there's pretty much no way that can fit into the world of  Glamour, which is a fantasy world (with some sci-fi trappings which Ellie brings herself).

I've been thinking a lot about the rewrites for Beautiful Handcrafted Animals. I suspect my mind wandered away from Ellie's story to Galen's for a moment there.