Another Little Milestone

I'm finding that part of the whole self-publishing thing is discovering little milestones.  Which is to say, stuff I hadn't thought of previously which, when they occur, I stand back and say, "Wow, that was pretty cool." As an example, at 12:02 am today, I received the following message, via Facebook, from one of my old World of Warcraft pals:

I dunno if you saw this. But the webcomic unshelved posted a review of your book.

Unshelved Review: The Seven Markets

By odd coincidence, I'd seen the review myself a few hours earlier; I'd even pulled a quick quote from it that I particularly liked, comparing Ellie's adventure with, of all things, Joe Halderman's The Forever War.  Let me tell you, if you wanted to make my head swell about ten sizes bigger, you could do a lot worse than comparing my story to The Forever War.

The cool thing about all this -- apart from the review, which eschews stars or thumbs or a 0 to 10 scale and just discusses some story basics and the reviewer's thoughts -- is that this is the first time one of my friends has spotted something book-related of mine out there in the wild.  Without my pointing it out to them, that is.

Turns out, if you're, well, me, that's a very cool feeling.  So, thank you, Wesley, for letting me know about the review.  And thank you for showing me another little milestone I didn't know existed.