Beware Fast-Growing Toenails (an update where the word "really" appears entirely too many times)

Soooo . . . how've you been? It's a pinch over two weeks since my last blog post.  I also haven't gotten a whole lot of writing done in that time.  But I have a really, really good excuse.  Would you like to meet my really, really good excuse?

Layla Frances

Layla Frances

Yup, we've got a daughter now.  This was not, strictly speaking, a surprise -- my wife spent the latter half of 2012 and all of 2013 (until recently) being terribly pregnant, something which, in my opinion, she was very good at.

Speaking of things my wife is very good at: childbirth.  Sixteen hours of labor and she didn't cry out once.  No drugs, mind you; she was doing a thing called Hypnobirthing, which might sound silly and New Agey, but in reality it's sort of like (simplified explanation incoming) using Yoga breathing to manage labor discomfort and letting your body do the job it's built to do.

It worked really well.  My wife is basically the Terminator.  If the Terminator had given birth to a little baby Terminator at some point in the movie.

And now we have a baby.  An amazing baby.  The first week was kind of crazy as the hospital decided to be REALLY overcautious and hold onto our daughter in the NICU for five days "to be on the safe side".  I'm not medical professional, nor do I play one on television, but to me it seemed their "caution" caused more issues than it cured.  Toward the end, we were joking we needed to get Layla out of there before the doctors noticed her toenails had grown in the night, lest they decide to keep her another day or two "to be sure they were growing at the appropriate rate".

You have to laugh sometimes to keep from howling in frustration.

But, both my girls are home now and they're doing great.  I've even been writing again, so I thought it was time to pop up a blog post and sort of kick things back into gear again.

What's Going On Now?

Well, first and foremost is that the writing of The King's Glamour has really taken on a life of its own.  This was happening before Jessy went into labor -- one consequence of her end-of-pregnancy exhaustion was me spending a lot of time in the next room writing -- and has not abated now that I'm able to maintain consciousness long enough to string words together once again.  I'm knee-deep in Chapter Five and plotting my way to Chapter Six with full steam ahead.  I probably won't finish the second draft on time, but I think I should be in editing sometime around the beginning of May, if not sooner.

And then there's Beautiful Handcrafted Animals.  I'm purposely not poking my editor over the ms, but I've got a hunch I'm going to hear back from her sometime in the very near future.  I know she's going to have issues with the ms -- I have issues with the ms -- but I've got a lot of ideas for dealing with the issues I know are there.  Will Animals make a Spring, 2013 release date?  I hope so, but if it misses it, it's going to be by inches.  Meantime, our designer is slaving away over a hot Mac on awesome cover designs (which I desperately need to get back to him on -- whoops)

And Write Every Day?  That's still going strong.  Okay, "going strong" is a bit of an exaggeration, but now that things are pretending to normalize a little bit, I'm hoping to get posts up about once every two weeks, if not with more frequency.  It's important to me that each post be distinct unto itself; something that presents a small challenge with the core concept of the whole thing being right there in the title.  Also on my To Do list is some WED merchandise, because I really want a coffee mug with the Write Every Day logo on it . . .

Past all that?  I've doing good plotting for The Prince's Revenge and Verrazano Narrows, and the books which will follow after that.  Narrows will probably be a 2014 book, and I'm already organizing my time for 2014 in terms of what I want to write and release next year.

Oh, and a little thing called "helping to raise my daughter".  Which has thus far been a fun, engaging, wonderful ride.  Honestly, I know a lot of people will complain about the complete insanity of raising a baby, but so far I've been enjoying it immensely.  Maybe it's that I've always been sleep-deprived, but once we were past the week of driving back and forth to the hospital several times a day, it's all sort of been gravy.

If you've skipped to the end, let me sum it up for you: everything is amazing, books are being written, edited, and designed, and there's a baby wriggling around behind the scenes, too.