Brunch With My Folks

We saw my folks over the weekend.  Jessy and I took them to our favorite brunch place, which was a very Jonathan Carroll experience for me -- I always feel like a character in one of his books when sharing a beloved place with friends and family. It was a very nice, low-key day.  We ate pancakes and eggs, bacon and fruit.  They came back to the house with some very nice birthday presents (I may have mentioned Wednesday is my birthday) and visited for a while.  Jessy showed off the nursery and some of the work we've done on the house.  It was the kind of crisp winter day Robert Frost used to write about.

I don't do much in the way of personal stuff here on the blog.  This is because, by and large, I don't figure it's of any real interest to folks not living, you know, my life.  But I thought this was worth sharing because it really was a very nice day.  My folks are allergic to our pets, Jack the Dog and Missy (the cat, who prefers to be addressed solely as "Missy"), so they don't get up to visit often; and when they do, it's not for very long visits.  Something which will probably change in the very near future, as (ah, foreshadowing) you may have guessed after I casually dropped the word "nursery" in the second paragraph.

Yup, we're having a baby.  A baby girl, come to that.

There's no greater point to all this, no hidden Write Every Day lesson about picking your family moments, or making time for important non-writing things.  We had a nice day and had brunch.

Sometimes stuff like that is worth mentioning.