Cat Poop and Stephen King

One of the best things about stories is the way their worm their way into our minds and then pop their little heads up at odd moments to surprise us with unexpected visits.

An example: in 2013 I listened to Stephen King's classic novel The Shining.  I listened to it in the car.  I listened to it in the train.  I listened to it at the gym.

I listened to it while changing the cat litter.

I also listened to his follow up, Doctor Sleep in, you know, similar circumstances.

Now, whenever I'm "scooping the poop", I can't help but think of Danny Torrance.

Sad but true.  As if the poor guy didn't have enough stacked up against him, right?

I will spare you an image to go along with this post.  Also, I will refrain from telling you that sometimes our cat -- who is delightful in every way -- likes to leave her poop sticking straight up, almost as if she's claiming the litter box for Spain.