Even More Bookstore Weirdness

So, check this out: The Seven Markets -- Other Amazon Sellers

Weird, huh?

Those are prices for The Seven Markets from "other" sellers on Amazon.  Presumably, that means sites like The Book Depository (which has been useful for purchasing discounted boardgames in the past) and others are now selling Markets.

One seller's got it marked down to $12.02.  Okay.

I'm especially amused to see a seller called "Murray Media" has it for the low, low price of $58.20 +$3.99 shipping.  The question you're asking is, "Why?  Why would that be?"

And I have no answer.

My instinct and what remains of my common sense tells me this is . . . just a thing that happens.  Sites that get listings of books, or get info from Create Space or Amazon and either auto-add stuff, or grab stuff that looks like they might be able to sell it.  I don't know who they think is going to pay more than sixty dollars for something they can read for free with a Prime account, but if they pull it off, I suppose that's their go ahead.

And, for whatever it's worth: my goal with Markets is emphatically not to suddenly and overnight become a wealthy, bestselling author.  It'd be nice, of course, but that's not the point here.  The book's job, as I keep telling people, "is to simply exist."  It's the first in a series as well as the first in that series' first three-book cycle.  It's also my first book.  If people are reading it, I'm happy.  Period.  Good reviews are very nice, but I'll take the bad ones, too -- it all means people are reading it.  Reading me, if you will.  I've got a LOT more books in me, and the point here is not to one-and-done the world, but to get out there and start a very slow ball rolling down a very, very tall hill.

That said, and realizing I have no real context for these sellers apart from what I see on this page, I have to feel like there are better ways to get your first taste of my writing than paying sixty bucks for it.

Update: I'm not sure if they were there earlier or if this is another change, but now there are four people selling used copies of Markets.  Jessy suggests they may be folks who received copies for review (which are identical to the copies Amazon is selling).  I think -- based on the fact that they're the same sellers and it's the same pricing as the new copies -- it's just more weirdness.

Either way: weird.  Very weird.