New Site?

Argh.  Yeah.  And it's under construction.  Which is to say, I have to write some stuff and tidy up some stuff and get some (great looking) stuff from my designer. 


Well, the old site was broken.  The old designers put it together but their programmers were, to use a nice word, less than competent.  They left a pile of security holes open in WordPress and, when my friend Chris was nice enough to fix them, most of the site's functionality broke. 

What sort of functionality?  Well, the old site still showed The King's Glamour  as coming out in the Spring of 2013.  Nope.  And Beautiful Handcrafted Animals in the Winter of 2013.  Not at all.  

I couldn't change graphics or update, well, pretty much anything but the blog.  So it goes.

So: new site.  This one's hosted, it's not powered by WordPress, which is a fine tool, but it's sort of like browsing the internet on Internet Explorer.  It's what people write hacks and viruses for.  Hopefully this should be more stable.

And, now that we're up and running, and I can write a blog post without having to actually log into the site (and risk an errant backspace deleting my post) I'm hoping to be posting more.  Glamour is rounding home (honest) and then I'm getting into the Animals revisions I've been champing at the bit to do all year.  

Babies take up a lot of time.  I think I might have mentioned that at some point. 

Anyhoo, new site.  I'll be playing around and adding content and such -- books I hope to be working on next year and the year after, for example -- and we'll see just what the site can do.

Welcome (again)!