Sale Update, NetGalley Listing, and Con or Bust Auction is Live

Just a couple updates to share: (1) Last week, to celebrate my birthday, I ran a free promotion on The Seven Markets.  Typically when an author does this, it's to push something new they're publishing.  I didn't have something new; I just wanted to share the book and get it into people's hands.

The promotion was a pretty big success.  People shared it on Facebook and tweeted about it and, combined with my Christmas promotion and actual for-cash book sales, there are more than a thousand copies of Markets out there in the world.

Which is pretty damned cool.

(2) Markets is back up on NetGalley.  This is a site book reviewers, bloggers, librarians, and bookstore buyers use to check out books before writing about or ordering books.  Since our listing went up last week, we've already had some good feedback and I'm crossing my fingers we'll see some action and/or reviews from here.

(3) The Con or Bust auction I pledged a signed, personalized copy of Markets to has gone live.  It's running through to the end of the day on February 24th.

Con or Bust is a charitable organization dedicated to helping "people of color/non-white people attend Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions".  It started in 2009, helping nine SFF fans to attend WisCon, and has been growing every since.

I linked the main site up there, but here's the listing for Markets:

The Seven Markets -- Con or Bust Auction

Before I listed Markets, I looked at some other books that were listed.  A lot of authors were offering signed copies, so I went with that.  A lot of authors were offering signed, personalized copies; I didn't get the difference, but I tossed it in there as well.

And a few people were offering the winning bidders, if the bidding went above a certain level, the ability to name a character in an upcoming book.  I figured, why not? and noted that, if the bidding went over $50.00, I'd let the winner do just that.  Above $50.00, the winning bidder can be or name a character in The King's Glamour, the follow-up to Markets.

I honestly didn't think anyone would go for it.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but who am I?  Seriously.  Maybe some friend or family member who wanted to support the charity would be inspired to toss ten bucks at it.  Anything more than that?  Well, I figured it was a long shot.

The auction went live on February 9th.  Almost immediately it had a $10.00 bid -- which made me incalculably happy.  I've seen authors I love doing stuff like this for years and always thought it'd be great if I could kick in too (beyond, you know, bidding on stuff, which I've done as well).

A little while later I got an email that someone'd upped the bid.

To $75.00.

Which is crazy and generous and wonderful and I'm so excited.  Even if it's just some awesome stranger who figured, "I love this charity so even though I don't know anything about this guy and his book, screw it, I'm going in for seventy five bucks," it's absolutely tremendous.

So I figured I'd post and share, both that the auction is running and that, if you were interested in snagging a signed (personalized) copy AND getting into Glamour . . . you've got some competition.