The King's Glamour -- Third Draft Whatnow?

And now it's time for a long-overdue update on the writing of The King's Glamour , the follow-up to, and second book in The Seven Markets  series:

After about a year of work and numerous revisions, the book is now . . . 20,000 words long. 

Wait, what?   20,000 words?  Is it just me or is this book getting shorter somehow?

Well, it's not really  20,000 words long.  But that's how far I am into the third draft revision here.  Which is to say, I stopped in my revisions to rejigger some stuff about that far into the story.

Each book a writer writes is different from the one before it.  You learn how to write a book as you're writing it.  Beautiful Handcrafted Animals  is an ongoing process I hope to complete sometime early in 2014.  The Seven Markets was quick and fast, mainly because I'd lived with the story in my head for more than a decade.

The King's Glamour ?  It's been a ride.  Firstly because I never envisioned Markets as anything but a standalone story.  Then I realized I wanted to read more about Ellie.  Then I realized I had a cool idea for her.  And then . . .

Well, now I'm knee-deep in the third draft.  All things going according to plan -- ha ha -- this should be the final "big writing" draft of the project.  Once this is complete, it should be line edits, tweaks, beta readers, and then off to my editor.

Then I can get to work on something else. 

I'll try to write some more about this process.  And I'll keep you updated as things progress.  Fingers crossed, I'm hoping to put Glamour in your hands sometime in the first half of 2014.  I hope y'all enjoy reading it as much as I'm enjoying writing it.