The Seven Markets *Free* 12/26/12 - 12/27/12



Heya -- doing a quick promotion to test out Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing tools.  So, The Seven Markets is going to be free tomorrow (12/26) through Thursday (12/27).

That's free as in "free" -- not "I'm a Prime subscriber so I get to *borrow* a book for a month free".

I'll probably do this at least one more time before the end of the year -- KDP lets you have five free days during your 90-day exclusive period -- so don't sweat it if you're out of the country or otherwise occupied with holiday fun.

Edit: Confirming that my little experiment worked -- The Seven Markets is now completely free on Amazon Kindle.  I don't know if Amazon's going to run this through till midnight, or if it'll continue to be free all day tomorrow as well.