The Seven Markets is Available at Barnes & Noble and Powell's

Well, this is a weird one on me. I mean, I think I know how this happened -- when you put your book up on Create Space, you can opt to make the book available outside of Amazon.  Honestly, though, I thought the entire world was boycotting Amazon's authors, or something.  Maybe it's Amazon-published as opposed to . . . Amazon-enabled?

I don't know.  It's a head-scratcher.

However, the fact remains that you can buy The Seven Markets on both Barnes & Noble's site and through Powell's site.  It's the paperback version, not the ebook version (that, I know is still Amazon-exclusive.  Through February or so, I believe).  Barnes & Noble has a 30% discount while Powell's seems to have bumped the price up about fifty cents.

LIke I said: a weird one.

At any rate, here are the links:

The Seven Markets -- Barnes & Noble

The Seven Markets -- Powell's

It's worth mentioning that, so far as I can tell, all they're doing is ordering Print on Demand copies through Create Space to resolve orders.  Which should mean the money I get is, if not the same, then comparable.  There are settings within the book setup on Create Space for such things  I shall have to investigate further.  It also means the "25 in stock" at Powell's is more reflective of "we can get copies for you very fast" and not an actual stack of 25 books.

Additionally, I see Powell's is offering copies for in-store pickup.  I don't think I can understate how totally frigging cool it is to imagine someone going into a Powell's, asking for my book, and being told they can get it "on order".

Honestly, I'm geeking out a bit here.  I don't even mind that my spell-checker thinks "geeking" isn't a real word.