The Seven Markets Print Ad

With The Seven Markets in print I am, of course, now an expert in self-publishing. /rolleyes

Okay, seriously now.  I'm figuring this out as I go.  And I think it may be worthwhile, if there are other prospective self-pubbers out there, to see some of the stuff I'm doing (for good or ill).

Here's one:

The Seven Markets - Ad for Locus MagazineIf I've done that right, you should see the print ad our amazing designer put together for us.  This will be appearing in Locus Magazine -- and may run in other publications, depending on how things go -- in March, April and May.

I'm curious to see what effect, if any, this would have on our potential sales.  Locus may be publishing a review of The Seven Markets at some point, possibly during that March to May window there.  That we are purchasing advertising from them has ZERO bearing on (a) whether they'll review my book, and (b) if that review will be positive, lukewarm or horribly negative.

What's interesting about this, I think, is that there's a very strong chance Beautiful Handcrafted Animals will be released within this window.  So it's possible folks may see that ad, Google me or look me up on Amazon, and see that I've got two books up for them to check out.