Welcome to the New

Howdy. I should probably start from the top.

First off, check out the new site. Swanky, no? Okay, maybe (as of this writing) there are still a couple mismatched gears gumming up the works, but we'll get those sorted out in due course of time. The point is: new site!

Well, no, that's not the point. Not at all.

The point is this:

The Seven Markets cover

The Seven Markets cover

Now that's swanky, innit?

It's the cover to my book, The Seven Markets, and it's available from Amazon right now. Like . . . right now.

It's pretty awesome.

It's been a long time in coming.

I mean, I've been blogging for the better part of a decade. Oh, don't let the lack of, you know, older posts over there fool you. There were posts -- they're actually still there, but I'm setting up an "Old Blog Archive" to hold onto them. With the release of The Seven Markets it seemed like a good time to tidy things up a bit. Start a new chapter, if you will.

Previously, I'd log in and write about, well, writing. I'll still be doing that. My hope, now, is that I'll also be able to write about all the cool stuff that comes after the writing is done. The editing. The cover design. Figuring out how the hell to get your book online while simultaneously being terrified you're going to click the wrong check-box and somehow screw everything up. Forever.

Ptotip: you really can't. Seriously. There are checks on the checks on the checks. Unless you're actively trying to mess yourself up, you really can't go too wrong.

About the book . . . you should check it out. Or not. I mean, I think you should check it out (of course), but I've never been a "hard sell" kind of guy. If you're into stories about kidnapped girls, fantasy markets, enchanted jewelry, dragons, soldiers in mech armor, and all that good stuff, maybe give it a look. Amazon's got most of the first chapter up there for preview. It's not like you need to take my word for it, after all.

On that: we are, presently, Amazon exclusive. There are reasons for this, though I realize I am potentially excluding some folks from purchasing my book. I'll go over this in a future post -- it's the sort of information I think I'd have appreciated having before going out and getting it myself -- but for right now let's just go with: Amazon Because.

It's also the first book in a series. I"m not crazy about the word "trilogy" but the first cycle in this series is, technically, three books long. There will be more books after that, more cycles, more stories in the world of the Market or, as the comic book lover in my prefers, "the Marketverse".

So: welcome to the new site . . . different from the old site. Click around. Explore. The empty stuff is going to fill up rather quickly. We'll have cover art from future books, downloadable sample chapters (as soon as I verify that offering such things doesn't bring Amazon down on me like the hammer of Thor), maybe artwork from fans, if there are any people out there motivated to create said artwork (hint hint).

There will probably be contests and giveaways. Signed books? Quite likely. And -- for followers of the old blog -- a good deal of carrying on. I like to write about movies I see, books I read, and games I play.

Welcome to the new site. Welcome to the new.