Write Every Day: Introduction

If you're here, if you're reading this, you've probably had the conversation: "So-and-so told me you're a writer?" a friend or new acquaintance says.


"Cool.  Have you written anything I've heard of?"

"Probably not.  I'm," -- space

for awkward pause -- "well, I'm working on something.  It's not finished yet -- but I've got some great ideas.  I just need to get around to finishing it . . ."

"Oh, cool," they say, instantly filing you away into that bin you file people away in.  You know the one: it's got the guy who's going to quit smoking, the guy who's going to lose the weight, the woman who really means to quit her terrible job.

It's the Sure, You'll Get To It Someday bin.

It sucks being in that bin.  You know you're in the bin, too.  No matter how long that conversation lasts -- a few seconds or several interminable hours -- the whole time it's going on (and it could be a great, invigorating, exciting conversation) you're thinking about how you should be writing.  There's no reason for you to not be writing, after all, is there?

It's just that you're so busy.  There's so much . . . stuff going on.  So much to do.  Your job.  Your family.  Your friends.  And everyone needs some time to relax.  You'll write tomorrow night.  Or Saturday!  Yeah, plenty of time for it Saturday.  Big old Saturday, nothing but great, free time for writing.


Definitely Saturday.

But the thing of it is this: there's always a Saturday coming up that'll be perfect for writing.  And if you're always pushing it off, justifying how important this thing is, or how long you've put off that thing . . . well, Saturday never comes, does it?

It's okay.

I'm here to help.

That's the point of this blog.  Site.  Podcast.  Whatever it turns into.  This is Day One.

Let's see . . . I think I've got a Mission Statement here somewhere . . .

The purpose of Write Every Day is to help build the good habit of writing.

Or, as it says up there at the top, "That little nudge you need".

I'm not a self-help guy.  Really.  We're not going to sit in a circle and share our feelings.  I don't even know if there's going to be a "we" to all this.  I'm going to write (or whatever) and if you find it interesting, come and read.  If you find ten out of every hundred words useful, hey, I'm going to call that a win.

So, the point is to help you -- and me -- to build the good habit of writing.  What's that mean?  It's simple, really.  I'm going to write, sometimes at length, sometimes quite briefly, about things I've done (or failed to do) in getting myself to write.  If others find this site and find it useful, maybe they'll share some tips too.

I'm going to tell you stories in other words.  Anecdotes.  Things I've done to write.  Things I've done to keep from writing -- if you can't identify your obstacles, how can you beat them?

And what's the point?  To make it so the habit of writing becomes ingrained.  Writing becomes the default as opposed to Not Writing.

There's no magic to this, by the way.  It's just making the effort to write one day.  Then the next.  Then the one after that.  And pretty soon -- it'll sneak up on you, just you watch -- instead of falling back onto the couch to watch some show you don't really want to watch, instead of surfing the net for three hours and letting the time get away from you -- instead you'll be excusing yourself to write for a while.

Minutes?  Sure.  Hours?  Better.

But the point isn't how long you write or how much you write or even how well you write.

It's just writing.

Every day.

All the rest comes from there.

So: welcome.  I hope I can help.


Write Every Day is a separate non-fiction project I'm going to be cross-posting to this site.  If you want to follow it independently, you can add the Tumblr feed here: Tumblr Link.